Saturday, November 1, 2008

Mail Labels from Slovakia

Here can see different type of mail labels from Slovakia. Mostly is for the first class letter. And I got one is the airmail labels. Even for the first class labels also have different types of design. Thanks to all the friends who send me those nice labels.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

New Surprise from Brazil

Sometimes this world is full of surprise, this time I have the surprise from Brazil. Thanks a lots!

This priority mail labels from Brazil I have looking for also long time. But unable to get it as when I asking people from Brazil, the answer will be the same, don't have it in Brazil. But I got see this in friends blog, got somebody sending cover to them and put the priority mail labels on it. I so hope that I can have it also.

Therefore happy time is coming, so surprise receive a nice cover from Brazil and inside the cover got one pane of priority mail labels. It is really great!!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Mail labels from New Zealand

Today when I open my mail box, I saw a letter from New Zealand. So surprise as never been informed that will be a letter sent to me before. So curious about this. So quickly bring to room and open the letter. Can you guess what is inside the letter?
Haha.. I am so happy with that. It is mail labels from New Zealand. Not only one type of labels, but many different type of mail labels. That really make me so happy.
I had been try to ask around to get the labels from New Zealand before, but the answer normally is not using or can't get it. Really a bit disappointed after that.
But who knows, today so lucky I can have all the mail labels from New Zealand.
Really give me a hope that this world still got kind and helpful people will come and help you.
Thanks to Fran and also all the friends helping me before with my mail labels collection.
Thank you very much!!

113mm * 40mm
CourierPost OVERNIGHT?? Not sure what does this means.
111mm * 33 mm
54mm * 22mm
I saw this air mail labels before and try to get it , but fail, now finally got it....
54mm * 22mm
48mm * 14mm

Those labels are different from the one I shown before from one of my friend too. But the last labels is a bit similar to that labels.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Airmail Labels from Singapore

45mm * 16mm
Last two months visit to Singapore, for sure don't forget to go to the post office and request for some airmail labels. I had been to Singapore before, that time the airmail labels I got is the type of third picture. I dont know that they also have the labels in a pane and also having the Express mail labels. This time I saw in their table, so quickly I ask for it. They give me one pane and some Express labels too. I not sure Express labels got print in pane not.

Airmail Labels from Bulgaria

Yes, don't be so surprise, I think nowadays Bulgaria is not using such airmail labels anymore. That's the reason whenever I asking friends from Bulgaria they will give me the same reason. However I still believe there will be airmail labels from Bulgaria in this world. Finally so lucky with the help from Christina, one of the member from postcrossing sending me this rare airmail label. It is used. I think quite and can say that very hard to get a new airmail label from Bulgaria.
This label is cool and nice right, even it is better if can get it on the envelope.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Fast post labels from New Zealand

This labels is sent by one of my friend. It is from New Zealand. I think there should be quite lots of labels from New Zealand as I got see others in internet. But really quite hard to get friends from there to help me in my collection. Therefore if got any friends can help please introduce to me or contact me.

Size : 45mm * 23mm

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Hong Kong Air Mail Labels

37mm * 17mm
Air mail Labels from Hong Kong, the Chinese word in the label means air mail. Their air mail labels is in a small pane of 10 labels. Not in the strip.